Have you searched for all the tours but nothing suits your needs, tastes, expectations and time? Not an issue – at Raw Tours we also offer private tours that are tailor made for your unique taste.

Our private tours are ideal for various exclusive groups such as old schoolmates, cultural groups, religious groups, executive breakaways, workmates or even sporting teams.

Our private tours are built primarily on one objective – giving you quality time with individual yourself if alone or with your family or mates if you are booked as a group. We understand that the bottom line is you have something in common with your group and would certainly not entertain strangers being around for that creates a crowd.

At Raw Tours we let you have the liberty to craft your own tour and your own itinerary. We can help you come up with a memorable tour whether you desire an experienced your guide or driver.

One of the best reasons for using our private tour services is that no one tells you what to do for you will be at liberty to do as you wish. Major decisions are made by you as a group and whatever you decide is taken as instruction which is regarded as final.


Below are our half-day and full-day private tour rates.  Our Rates are for a Hyundai H1 – 8 seater vehicle except for 1-3 passengers where we use a Toyota Corolla. Should you wish to use the Hyndai H1 if you are between 1-3 persons then you will be charged a 4 Pax Rate.


PAX Half-Day Rate Full-Day Rate
1-3Pax R2000/pp R2600/pp
4Pax R960/pp R1125/pp
5Pax R770/pp R900/pp
6Pax R640/pp R750/pp
7Pax R550p/pp R650/pp
8Pax R480/pp R550/pp



Maximum duration for half-day private tour –up to 4½hours (excess to be advised) and limited to 160 km (excess to be advised).

Maximum duration for full-day private tour –up to 8 hours (excess to be advised) and limited to 200 km (excess to be advised).



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